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Toffeetronic - Live

Bedroom Bar, Shoreditch, London



Summer Music Festival

Comin soon......

Jan 13

Toffeetronic Album Release!! - '10'

'My Dad went away to the studio for 10 years...

and all he brought me back was this crappy album!'

Toffeetronic are currently working on a 10 year anniversary release called '10'.

15 tracks - all remastered, remixed, re-animated with guests and on a proper label and shit. More info soon - looking like a spring release date.


Toffeetronic will be supporting Gare D'ici at the Bedroom Bar, Shoreditch, London on Thurs 21st Feb. Toff will be joined onstage by Add N to (X) synth-stress Ann Shenton & the theremin maniac known only as Shy English Hitler. Gare D'ici will be debuting a few new tunes from their new EP. Free Entry.

Toffeetronic support Gare D'ici in London

Jan 26


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